Barrier Reduction Collaboration (BaRC) Helps Domestic Abuse Survivors Stay With Their Pets

By Maria Cafferata, Lega Intern

Barrier Reduction Collaboration (BaRC) is a project from the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual & Domestic Violence. They have recently received a $45,000 dollar grant from PetSmart to help domestic abuse survivors and their pets stay together. Pets are a large source of support and love during hard times and can be incredibly important to victims of domestic violence. Studies show that fear of losing a pet can cause victims to delay the leaving of an abusive partner.

How BaRC Helps:  BaRC helps by providing education, technical, and financial support to individuals in Arizona communities.

This assistance can include:
– Spay/neuter
– Veterinary fees
– Buying kennels or other enclosures
– Food
– Boarding costs
– Pet deposits for housing
– And any other pet-related cost that helps a pet and survivor stay together

The Funding:
PetSmart Charities has a mission to help animals find loving homes and is a leader in supporting animal welfare. They have donated over $390 million dollars since their creation and help other non-profits that are linked to the goal of supporting animals. Since BaRC is focused on keeping animals with their owners, PetSmart funded the project and helps pets get cared for while their owners go through a difficult change.

How to Get Support from BaRC:
Individuals can call the Sexual and Domestic Violence Services Helpline at 602-279-2980 or speak to someone through the chat feature on  The support hotline is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Other Support The Arizona Coalition to End Sexual & Domestic Violence Provides:
ACESDV provided support to domestic violence survivors through public policy, educational programming, a helpline, and on the ground support to help individuals get resources. Some examples of learning programs that they are putting on are webinars on changing rape culture and how to help immigrant survivors of domestic violence. They also work with other organizations like Men Against Patriarchy and Oppression to further social efforts in the community.

Pets and Domestic Violence Factsheet:

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