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About Us: Who We Are

Southern Arizona Legal Aid Inc.


Our Vision is that all Arizona residents, particularly those within the 33,000 square miles where Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc. (SALA) provides legal services, have access to legal, social and economic justice. Further, it is our Vision that all individuals and families in our service area understand the vital role SALA plays in assisting low-income individuals and families.


Our Mission is to provide quality legal services to people who would not otherwise have equal access to justice, in ways which affirm their individual and collective dignity, integrity, and power.

Non-profit Law Firm

SALA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public interest law firm, established in 1951, which provides free, civil legal aid to low-income individuals and families in 9 of Arizona’s 15 counties and in 11 of Arizona’s 21 Native American Communities. Since 1951, SALA has been a trusted resource and an effective voice for low-income people in southern and southeastern Arizona.

Southern Arizona Legal Aid

Leadership Team

Anthony Young – Executive Director

Jamie Ibrahim – Deputy Director

Barbara Anderson – Administrator/HR Manager

Michele Schulze – Development Director

Doris Lee Butler – Chief Operations Officer/IT Manager

Michael Kochanski – Comptroller

Wendy Ascher – Director of Intake

Lila Sol – Director of Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP)

Kristin Fitzharris – Managing Attorney, Tucson Domestic Relations & Immigration

Alan Solot – Managing Attorney, Tucson Consumer Housing Public Benefits

Lori Johnston – Managing Attorney, Whiteriver & Lakeside Offices

Diana Lopez-Jones – Managing Attorney, Casa Grande & Sacaton Offices

William D. Moore – Managing Attorney, Bisbee Office

Board of Directors

Roxanne Veliz, President, Member at Large

Keith A. Singer, Vice President, Pima County Bar Association

Beverly B. Parker, Secretary/Treasurer, Pima County Bar Association

Brooke H. Bedrick, Pima County Bar Association

Brian Clymer, Pima County Bar Association

Rt. Judge James L. Conlogue, Cochise County Bar Association

Daniel Dominguez , Community Representative

Gregory L. Droeger, Santa Cruz County Bar Association

Gregory Green, Navajo/Apache County Bar Associations

Olga Barrios Gomez, YMCA

Benson Hufford, Pima County Bar Association

Rt. Judge Gary M. Israel, Pima County Bar Association

Shirley Molina, Native American Community Representative

Matthew A. Ramirez, Tucson Indian Center

Matthew Scarber, Arizona Minority Bar Association

Andy Silverman, National Lawyers Guild

Rose Taulton, Community Representative, NAACP

Alex Winkelman, Pima County Bar Association

Katie Winkley, Pinal County Bar Association

A Word From Our Executive Director Anthony L. Young

Client Testimonials

Southern Arizona Legal Aid has been helping members of the community with legal aid since 1951. SALA has been a trusted resource and an effective voice for low-income people in southern and southeastern Arizona.

Thank you so much for this nice surprise. I am beyond elated of the outcome of this situation & can now rest easily knowing I do not have an eviction on my credit history. And in the future, I can finally rent an apartment without any issues. Again, thank you so much for your help. I'm crying happy tears.
Sala Client
They are very responsive to my case. So far so good.
Hao D.
This place has saved my life! I worked with Ms.Wren she works hard, she is diligent. They were having to make over with there Intel it was down when I walked in a frenzy, they saw the desperation I had. They immediately jumped on my case and have made a WORLD of a difference I cannot praise this company enough! Well deserved 5 stars!!!!! Quality people! I never understood how much this company would change my life!!
Kaylee B.
These people are here to help us when we can't afford to pay for legal advice. Do an extraordinarily good job. What do you do when your landlord doesn't hear you and doesn't do their part of the bargain? These days when you sign a lease it's an inch of paper all of it there to protect and serve the landlord. However, the truth of any lease is this: I pay the rent on time. If it breaks you fix it. In Tucson most of these apartment complexes are owned by big corporations we think we are powerless. It simply isn't true. If you have problems come here to Legal Aid and they will happily assist you.
Brandi W.
Thank you for helping me with my process. I'm very satisfied with the treatment I received and Mr. Gary thank you so much!
Paula Z.
Truly a good source for consulting on legal matters for low income and really helpful just meet them halfway and have all documents ready that's all I gotta say they are awesome
Jonathan S.