Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors of our Volunteer Appreciation Celebration Event

Attorney Opportunities

We invite you to join the indispensable community of volunteer attorneys who help SALA broaden access to those who need civil legal services.

Paralegal Opportunities

Use your skills to broaden access to those who need civil legal services and help educate the community on legal topics

Law Student Opportunities

Obtain valuable legal and courtroom experience. Help clients who have nowhere else to turn. All while you are still a student.

Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP)

For almost four decades, The Volunteer Lawyers Program has offered civil legal aid to low-income and vulnerable members of the communities served by Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc. The VLP enlists the private bar to provide pro-bono legal services to those who seek assistance with a civil legal problem and are unable to afford it.

When you join the effort to provide equal access to justice by volunteering your time at SALA, you are directly improving the lives of those in our community and upholding the promise of our profession. Legal needs studies consistently report that legal aid programs serve only one person out of every five who need civil legal assistance.

Your volunteer support to SALA helps families in crisis return to safe, productive lives. Your time, talent, resources, and personal touch can make all the difference in the lives of vulnerable community members who have nowhere else to turn for civil legal help.

Attorney Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer:

Here are some of the reasons that attorneys volunteer: to give back to the community by helping people who cannot afford an attorney; CLE credit; training in additional areas of law; malpractice insurance coverage; period case follow-up done by SALA staff; collegial support; SALA covers case costs; administrative and translation support; client relationship management provided by SALA staff; mentoring law students.

Opportunities to Volunteer:

Helping Reduce Family Violence and Conflict:
Domestic Relations Class
Provide basic information on divorce with children, divorce without children, and paternity and the court process. Open to the general public!
Domestic Relations Follow-Up Clinics
Provide one-on-one advice to clients on family law issues, assist in trial preparation, and assist with forms.
Self Service Center Project
Meet with pro se litigants at the Pima County Superior Court Law Library and provide one-on-one advice to clients on family law issues, assist in trial preparation, and assist with forms.
Domestic Violence OP clinic
Helping Children Get Into Healthy Environment and Fighting the Opioid Crisis:
Minor Guardianship Project
This project provides assistance to family members requesting a minor guardianship in probate court. The project starts with informational classes providing forms at KARE Family Center. Clients proceed to one-on-one clinics at SALA providing one-on-one advice to clients, assisting in trial preparation, SALA Website – Volunteer and assisting with forms. Finally, there will be opportunities to supervise practicing law students at the uncontested hearings in Probate Court.
Helping consumer and asset protection:
Bankruptcy Re-Affirmation Clinic
Supervise law students as they meet with unrepresented clients at their reaffirmation hearings in Bankruptcy Court. The students review reaffirmation agreements presented to the client by their creditors and then assist in making recommendations to the Court.
Employment and Consumer Debt/Bankruptcy Advice Only Clinics
Meet with pre-scheduled clients to determine the legal merits of their case, provide advice, and determine the next course of action.
Wills Clinic
supervise students as they meet with a pre-scheduled client and draft estate documents. Software is provided.

Paralegal Opportunities

Why Volunteer:

Here are some of the reasons why paralegals volunteer: to give back to the community by helping people who cannot afford legal services; enjoy teaching; some enjoy doing work that is different from their everyday paralegal role.

Opportunities to Volunteer:

Teaching classes: Divorce & Paternity; Minor Guardianship Administrative Support Work

Law Student Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer:

Here are some of the reasons law students volunteer: earning school credit doing real world legal work; playing an important role in the delivery of legal aid services; gaining a reference for future employment; meeting a variety of legal professionals; standout to employers by demonstrating a commitment to community service.

Opportunities to Volunteer:

Work under an attorney to provide legal services to clients. Teaching classes: Divorce & Paternity; Minor Guardianship. Legal research and some drafting assignments. Rule 38 eligible students may be able to do Order of Protection hearings, Minor Guardianship hearings, and Bankruptcy Reaffirmation hearings under supervision.

Undergrad Student, Administrative Professional, Other Legal Professionals & Support Services Volunteer Opportunities

Some of the volunteer opportunities might include: translation, interpretation, administrative assistance, court reporting, investigations, communications, and fundraising. If you are interested in volunteering, email us your cover letter and resume to salahr@sazlegalaid.org

VLP Frontline Heroes

From the shutdown which happened in VLP on March 24, 2020, until now, while our lives were all changing, over 60 volunteer attorneys in VLP made a conscious decision to keep donating their time and efforts to help people. Thank you for serving clients during these unprecedented times  and volunteering during a national emergency.

  • lan Jordan Mamood, Esq.
  • Alan R. Solot, Esq.
  • Anna C. Ceder, Esq.
  • Benjamin Watson Smith, Esq.
  • Beverly B. Parker, Esq.
  • Brian S. Longenbaugh, Esq.
  • Brigham A. Fordham, Esq.
  • In Memoriam Carrie L. Rednour, Esq.
  • Daniel Rylander, Esq.
  • Edwinus Maria van Vianen, Esq.
  • Eric Cahan, Esq.
  • Erwin Kratz, Esq.
  • Frederick J. Petersen, Esq.
  • Gary B. Kraft, Esq.
  • Geoffrey K. Ulreich, Esq.
  • Grant L. Stratton, Esq.
  • Hon. (Ret.) James L.
  • Conlogue Isaac Daniel Rothschild, Esq.
  • Isaac Daniel Rothschild, Esq.
  • Hon. Jeffrey Louis Sklar
  • Jill Holt Perrella, Esq.
  • John Eli Aboud, Esq.
  • John A. MacKinnon, Esq.
  • Katheryn A. Smith
  • Kayla A. Bernays, Esq.
  • Keith A. Singer, Esq.
  • Kimberly C. Soto, Esq.
  • Lisa Anne Smith, Esq.
  • Lori Kirsch-Goodwin, Esq.
  • Luke Brown, Esq.
  • Maggie V. Guzman Nathan Hannah, Esq.
  • Nathan Parkey, Esq. Paul Bowron, Esq.
  • Robert L. Barrasso, Esq.
  • Ronald Ryan, Esq.
  • Ronda C. Lustman, Esq.
  • Rudy Valenzuela, Esq. – In Me-moriam
  • Sarah Crotty, Esq.
  • Sarah Angela Youngblood, Esq.
  • Sesaly Stamps, Esq. Shannon Giles, Esq.
  • Steven R. Simon, Esq.
  • Steven J. Itkin, Esq.
  • Steven C. Weinstein, Esq.
  • Valerie C. Hink, Esq.
  • Law Firms:
  • Snell & Wilmer
  • Mesch Clark Rothschild
  • Carl A. Piccarreta, P.C. DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy, P.C.
  • Goldberg & Osborne, LLP
  • Law Office of Keith A. Singer, PLLC