• Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc.(SALA) is a non-profit law firm in existence since 1951


    Civil legal aid is a combination of services that help Arizonans of all backgrounds - but primarily the poor and disadvantaged - to effectively navigate the civil justice system - guide them through complicated legal proceedings to protect their livelihood, their health, and their families.

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    “It was a huge relief to get Southern Arizona Legal Aid’s help! Without them I would have been extremely stressed because I did not know what to do with my situation.”

    Cortney Adams

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  • SALA_Laura_Stratton

    “I am very grateful to Southern Arizona Legal Aid. They were a major help with our legal issues.  Thank you for a victorious outcome. Don’t give up hope, give it to SALA!”

    Laura Stratton

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  • "The first duty of Society is justice."

    Alexander Hamilton

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 Legal Aid Services by SALA


Legal aid assures fairness for all in the civil justice system.



"Tucson is fortunate to have an establishment like SALA. With any hope, more people in Tucson will come to experience a positive solution in their time of need, as we have with SALA."
Rusty Adams.

SALA Volunteer


A small amount of time can make a big difference.



"I am very grateful to attorney Beverly Parker and the rest of SALA. Everyone was very helpful and dedicated in solving my mortgage problem."
Mayra Navarro.


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