CARES Act Stimulus Payments for Non-Filers Deadlines Approaching

By Maria Cafferata, Intern

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has helped Americans by providing stimulus checks during this time of economic turmoil. Some individuals are still eligible to file for the stimulus or receive additional funds. 12 million people are eligible to receive these benefits and just need to fill out the correct non-filers’ form.

Who is Eligible for the Economic Impact Payment?

Individuals with a valid Social Security Number (SSN), aren’t a dependent of another taxpayer, and meet income requirements may be eligible. This includes permanent residents and some nonresident aliens. The income requirements are as follows: individuals making less than $75,000 and couples making less than $150,000 will receive the full amount. After that threshold, the amount will be reduced up to an income of $99,000 individually and $198,000 jointly when individuals become ineligible.

What is a Non-Filer?

A non-filer is someone who doesn’t typically file a tax return and isn’t planning to file a federal tax return for 2019. Reasons for this could include having no income, income less than $12,200, or married income of less than $24,400. The government may not have enough information about these individuals to determine if they are eligible for an economic impact payment. Individuals could be receiving governmental support currently but still need to fill out the information form to qualify. Examples of governmental support include but are not limited to Social Security, disability (SSDI), or supplemental security income (SSI).

Information You Will Have to Provide:

● Full name

● Current mailing address

● Email address

● Date of birth

● Social Security number

● Bank account number, type and routing number (only if you have one)

● Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN) you received from the IRS earlier this year, if you have one

○ Taxpayers who previously have been issued an Identity Protection PIN but lost it, must use the Get an IP PIN tool to retrieve their numbers

● Driver’s license or state-issued ID (if applicable)

● For each child during 2019: Name, Social Security # or Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number


September 30th Deadline: $500 per Child Payments for Federal Benefit Recipients



October 15th Deadline: Non-Filers Need To Enter Their Information to Receive Their Stimulus Payments Link:


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