Pima Eviction Prevention Funds: Expires Nov. 30, 2020

Do you need help with a pending eviction?

By: Nikita Ganesh, Legal Intern

Pima County CARES Act funding is still available for up to 400 more Pima County households which were negatively impacted by COVID-19 and currently behind on their rent. Pima County is partnering with the Community Investment Corporation (CIC) to distribute $3,625,000 through social service agencies to prevent evictions:



Funding for the program is set to expire on November 30, 2020. Both the tenant and landlord must complete an application and submit the required documentation.  To see if you qualify for assistance, start the prequalification process at this link: https://www.pimaep.com/ or call (831)-292-4308. Landlords and property owners can also initiate the application process at the above link or number.


Since funds are limited, the distribution of funding is dependent on qualification of tenant, agreement from landlord, completion of required forms/documentation, and fund availability.


Priority will be given to full and complete submissions with all the requested documentation.


*This funding is also specifically for eviction prevention and assists households that are already in some phase of the eviction process or would be in the eviction process if not for the moratorium (not meant for people who are just behind on their rent).

  • For people who are behind on their rent but not yet at risk for eviction, refer to the following agencies for rental assistance:

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