Grant Stratton, Esq. April 2023 Outstanding Volunteer of the Month

By: Jocelyn Ehalt, Legal Intern VLP, BA Law/Political Science/Psychology, U of A

Every month, Southern Arizona Legal Aid’s (SALA) Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP) recognizes a legal professional for their legal volunteerism. The award is a distinct honor and highlights the dedication and commitment of 12 individuals each year who give their valuable time and expertise to the community.


Grant Stratton is the April 2023 Outstanding Volunteer of the Month Award Recipient. I had the honor of interviewing Grant Stratton this month to highlight his work in the field of family law.


Grant graduated from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law in 2012. Prior to obtaining his juris doctor, Grant attended the same university for his undergraduate degree, the place he met his wife. Immediately out of law school, Grant began his career in criminal law at the Greenlee County Attorney’s Office. Two years into practicing criminal law, Grant decided to switch lanes and started working in family law with Keith Singer, Esq. Mr. Singer taught Grant the ropes of family law. “Keith wanted to practice a highly ethical practice which was very exciting to me. Family law was very rewarding to me; I really cared about getting it right for kids,” Grant explains. After working alongside Mr. Singer for many years, Grant decided to open his own practice in 2016 (Law Office of Grant Stratton,


Grant’s history with Southern Arizona Legal Aid began during his time at James E. Rogers College of Law. He began volunteering as a way to learn more about the legal field while furthering his language skills. Grant took a mission trip to Nicaragua and wanted to keep up his Spanish skills which he was able to use and practice at SALA. Now, Grant volunteers in VLP’s family law department.


Outside of SALA and his private practice, Grant works with the Collaborative Law Group of Southern Arizona. Grant practices Collaborative Law in order to help those who can afford a different method of divorce that allows for therapists and financial advisors to work with the attorney to create a better environment for divorce.


We are truly grateful to have Grant as one of our volunteers, for his family-orientated perspective, loyalty to the Volunteer Lawyers Program and his Spanish-speaking skills. The Volunteer Lawyers Program at SALA would not be complete without Grant Stratton.