Dollar for Dollar Tax Credits

You decide where your tax dollars are spent. Contributing doesn’t cost you anything. Reduce your tax bill or add to your refund. Redirect your tax dollars for the good of others.

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Dollar for Dollar Tax Credits!

Your Tax Credit contribution to SALA made through December 31, 2018  is eligible for the dollar-for-dollar Tax Credit from the state of Arizona when you file. You may be Donate up to $400 if you’re single or head of household. Make a gift up to $800 if you’re married filing jointly. Take the public school/private school tax tuition credit, too. It counts separately. You may be able to take a deduction on your federal return if you itemize. Consult your tax professional for specific tax advice.

Claim the credit on AZ Forms 321 and 301. Report Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc., as well as the dollar amount of your donation. No itemizing deductions required since 2013 on your state form.

Private contributions to legal aid have become increasingly crucial with public support dwindling. Adjusted for inflation, federal funds from the Legal Services Corporations, our largest source of support, has shrunk 40% in 10 years, while demand for services continues to increase.

For every $1 invested in SALA, $5.81 of actual value is returned to the community. We close over 5,000 cases annually, impacting thousands.

You’ll make a world of difference to the most vulnerable Arizonans who need a lawyer to help them navigate the legal system. Your support will provide advocacy and litigation that brings meaningful change into the lives of Arizonans.

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Thank you for supporting access to justice in Arizona. We value your investment and partnership with us!

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