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SALA relies upon volunteers like you. Whether you are a law firm, sole practitioner or law student, you have the ability to change a life. Any amount of time you can give makes a difference. Many lawyers say that volunteering is the most satisfying aspect of their careers.

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Southern Arizona Legal Aid

SALA offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for attorneys, law students, paralegals, legal secretaries and more. You will gain experience, knowledge and play an important role in the delivery of legal aid services to the less fortunate. Sign up for a volunteer opportunity with SALA and gain

  ✔  Practical legal experience

  ✔  A strong work ethic

  ✔  Enhance your academic work

  ✔  Improve your skills

  ✔  Gain a reference for future employment

  ✔  And stand out to employers by demonstrating a commitment to community service

SALA Making a Difference

Making a Difference

The demand for legal aid continues to grow as does the need for volunteer attorneys. In 2014 SALA staff and volunteer attorneys assisted more than 8,100 clients benefiting 23,091 individuals. SALA recovered more than $3,775,984 in benefits for clients. Each year SALA either turns away or provides limited assistance to thousands of persons, who with the help of a lawyer, could receive access to justice.

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