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Thanks to the support of National, State, and Local organizations like the Legal Services Corporation, the State of Arizona, the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education, the Arizona Equal Justice Campaign, Pima County, United Way, Pima Council On Aging and private individuals like you, each year SALA is able to provide direct legal aid to meet the fundamental unmet civil legal needs of more than 20,000 individuals.

Services included: safety and protection for children and women who are victimized by domestic violence; preservation of shelter for those wrongfully evicted from their homes or facing foreclosure; access to food stamps for people who are hungry and unable to obtain services from the Department of Economic Security; access to long-term health care for those denied services; and a means to survive for disabled persons who are unable to obtain benefits from the Social Security Administration.

In 2013, as a result of services provided to clients, SALA saved or recovered a total of $1,273,461.29 for client use within the community. SALA provided legal aid in 7,946 cases and matters meeting the fundamental civil, legal need of more than 21,454 individuals.

SALA raised community awareness of legal rights and responsibilities by teaching prevention and self-help methods, making presentations, distributing brochures and self-help materials to over 3,068 individuals;

The Arizona Statewide Website, administered by SALA and its partners, www.AzLawHelp.org, received more than 708,086 page views from individuals seeking legal information;

How Your Donation Helps Others And Help Support Southern Arizona Legal Aid

At this time, when requests for services have risen dramatically due to the economic crisis, your generous gift will increase our ability to provide legal help to those who have a civil, legal need with nowhere else to turn.

For the poor, access to legal aid can mean the difference between homelessness and housing, poverty and financial security, safety and a life of fear resulting from domestic violence. SALA ensures shelter, safety and economic security by providing access to lawyers, and Arizona’s civil justice system, thereby ensuring “Justice for All.”

You too can help SALA by making a financial gift.  In doing so, you can make a significant difference in the lives of Arizona’s most vulnerable. SALA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency and your gift is tax-deductible. Please give today!

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Other Ways To Help And Help Support Southern Arizona Legal Aid

Give an hour of your time each month to provide legal counseling and advice to a SALA client; help screen applicants for eligibility; or participate in community presentations to seniors, veterans or others who need legal aid assistance. With your help SALA can help more Arizonans with their unmet civil legal needs and achieve our dream of access to justice for all.

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