What's happening at SALA?

Partnership with the Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona

The Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona and the Connie Hillman Family Foundation awarded SALA an Equity and Opportunity grant to support SALA's advocacy to improve women's economic self-sufficiency. SALA will use this funding to support its family law and domestic violence prevention advocacy which utilizes the civil justice system to enforce the rights of women, increase economic self-sufficiency, and end domestic violence.

Permanent Office Space in Santa Cruz County
Local attorney and SALA board member, Greg Droeger donated office space to SALA at his office located at 274 W View Point Dr in Nogales Arizona.  SALA is excited about the new space because it is conveniently located for SALA clients.  SALA's office hours for new applicant intake only, will remain on Fridays.

Measuring Success

SALA is pleased to announce of development of metrics to measure the impact of its advocacy. Outputs are the activities and cases closed by SALA advocates. For example, the number of people who received legal aid services are outputs. Outcomes go further. They look at the immediate result for the client and how that result impacts the client long-term and the broader community. For example, keeping a family in their home or improving the quality of housing strengthens families, but also improves neighborhoods. Using the civil justice system to end family violence helps the survivor, and reduces costs to communities. An outcomes management system looks at both—outputs and outcomes— to help draw lines of progress and provide tangible measurements for success that are client driven and measurable.