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Legal aid secures access to justice for all by providing legal assistance targeted to the most pressing unmet civil legal needs of Arizonans.

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Permanent Staff

SALA serves 9 counties in Arizona and 11 Indian Reservations. Employees will be responsible for the provision of legal services to indigent individuals though telephone and/or walk-in services. Duties may consist of interviewing clients; giving legal advice and providing brief service; keeping current on the state of the law and procedures within their areas of practice; conducting legal research; preparing and drafting legal documents, pleadings, where appropriate; making decisions regarding acceptance or rejection of applications for legal assistance; participating in training activities; participating in the community legal educational program of SALA; performing any other legal related duties as requested or assigned by the Executive Director or his/her designee.


An Internship at SALA is a supervised, practical learning experience in the workplace that offers students an opportunity to apply, connect, and extend academic theory and competencies to build professional skills and networks. In collaboration with the intern's educational institution or based on SALA's needs, internships are constructed to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be an extension of the classroom and apply knowledge gained in the classroom
  2. Be transferable to other employment
  3. Have a defined beginning and end, job description and desired qualifications
  4. Have learning objectives/goals aligned with a student's academic coursework
  5. Professional supervision provided
  6. Routine feedback
  7. Employ the use of resources, equipment and facilities that support learning objectives/goals

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