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Legal aid secures access to justice for all by providing legal assistance targeted to the most pressing unmet civil legal needs of Arizonans.

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Letter from the Board President and Executive Director:

Many Southern Arizonans can’t afford an attorney when they find themselves facing loss of home, income, or safety, because there is no right to counsel in the U.S. civil courts. For many people, working through the legal system can feel like trying to swim across the ocean. The legal system is complex, expensive, and designed to be navigated by attorneys. 

Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc. (SALA) has been filling this gap and ensuring that as many people as possible receive the legal assistance they need. We provide comprehensive, free civil legal aid for nine Arizona counties and eleven Native American Tribes. We do this because we know how difficult life can be when your monthly income barely meets your living needs. We know how draining it is to live one accident or one car repair away from financial disaster.

SALA uses the power of the law to help make life better for Arizona’s most vulnerable citizens—the elderly, veterans, children, victims of domestic violence. We know that our work can provide more than just a life preserver. We have seen how our assistance can restore a sense of dignity, and how it can cultivate a feeling of competence as we guide a client through the legal system. We have seen how our work provides hope as well as justice.  That is why SALA has been doing this work for over 65 years and why we are proud to be a part of the Southern Arizona community.

Cathleen M. Dooley, Esq.

Board President

Anthony L. Young, Esq.

Executive Director

Who We Are:

Our Vision 

Our Vision is that all Arizona residents, particularly those within the 33,000 square miles where Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc. (SALA) provides legal services, have access to legal, social and economic justice. Further, it is our Vision that all individuals and families in our service area understand the vital role SALA plays in assisting low-income individuals and families.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide quality legal services to people who would not otherwise have equal access to justice, in ways which affirm their individual and collective dignity, integrity, and power.

Our Services

SALA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public interest law firm, established in 1951, which provides free, civil legal aid to low-income individuals and families in nine of Arizona’s 15 counties and in 11 of Arizona’s 21 Native American Communities. Since 1951, SALA has been a trusted resource and an effective voice for low-income people in southern and southeastern Arizona.

There are more than 407,872 eligible individuals who are at or below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines in SALA’s estimated 33,000 square-mile service area. Our mandate is to deliver high quality civil legal aid to low-income people who face financial or other barriers which prevent access to justice. Priority areas are:

  • Family Law
  • Consumer Protection
  • Housing Rights
  • Government Benefits
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Senior's Rights
  • Immigration
  • Small Non-Profit Organizations
  • Tribal-Indian Law
  • Outreach and Education

Our Client Community *

  • 9.4% of the eligible client population is over 65; 55.7% is 18 to 64; and 34.9% is under 18
  • 34% are White, 41% are Hispanic, 19% are Native American; 3% are African American, 2% are Asian

* (Based on US Census American Community Survey)